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Firearms Safety

The last Valley Bivouac - March 3rd to 5th 2017
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Skirmish Firearms Safety –  Living History Resource Group


All Firearm participants are to be licensed shooters in NSW or simular from another state. They are to take responsibility for their actions and firearms safety is in accordance with NSW firearms Legislation. Please go to

And look under Brochures and legislation.


Safety Procedure


1)     Capping off & Springing rammers by FSO to be done at commencement of each scenario or when an individual returns to the scenario from a break.


2)     Weapons are to be handled and stored in accordance with NSW Firearms safety codes and legislation at all times. If you are not aware of these please ask.


3)     Firing: Always aim high or wide by at least 20 degrees. NEVER fire closer than 20 meters, 30 metres for horses.

4)     Tap loading only - All ramrods to be taken out prior to event


5)     The words ‘Stop, Stop, Stop’ to be shouted loud when a safety breach or accident has occurred. All firing and activity to cease until Safety Officer indicates.


6)     Report any potential hazards to CO/NCO, event organisers or Safety Officers.


7)     2-Banders – to be positioned in front rank of company formation only, NCOs’ are to check this before firing in two ranks, this is because the end of the muzzle of the two bander will end near the persons head in the front rank and may cause injury if fired.


8)     6-wing Percussion Caps are not allowed due to musket hammers splitting the cap and sending fragments into other shooters.


9)     Cartridges and cartridge boxes are to be inspected By FSO before the skirmish,




11) Bayonets are only used  with prior approval  of the FSO


12) Drugs & Alcohol are not to be taken before or during a scenario


13) Tampions/muzzle plugs shall be removed prior to taking the field.


      14)NO PAPER or OTHER OBEJECTS for wadding shall be placed down the  bore.