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Living History Resource Group

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The last Valley Bivouac - March 3rd to 5th 2017
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NSW Re-enactment Permit - 409617612
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Member Research Projects
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17th Century Research Projects

Diggers and Levellers Research Project

The Thirty Years War Research Project

North American Colonial Era - Research Projects

Regiment La Sarre Research Project

Napoleonic Research Projects

7th Land Militae (7th Dutch Militia)Research Project

La Legion Irlandaise Research Project

American Civil War Research Projects

5th North Carolina State Troops Research Project

62nd NYSV Anderson Zouaves Co. I Research Project

Anderson Zouaves - Research (62d NYSVV Co. F)Research Project

Anderson Zouaves - Living History (62d NYSVV Co. F)Research Project

Music Research Projects

The Dog Robbers - 19th century American folk and popular music - Research Project

Wayward - Medieval to 19th Century


Anderson Zouaves - Research (62d NYSVV Co. F) Publications

ZOUAVE! Newspaper of the Anderson Zouaves - Living History & Research (62d NYSVV Co. F)